The Digital India Summit 3.0, interview with Pavan Duggal

Pavan Duggal, is the Founder & Chairman of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law. He is the President of Cyberlaws.Net and has been working in the pioneering area of Cyber Law, Cyber Security Law & Mobile Law. While he was a practicing Advocate, in the Supreme Court of India, Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an Expert and Authority on Cyber Law, Cyber Security Law and E-commerce law. He has been acknowledged as one of the top 4 Cyber Lawyers around the world.

1. What is the one big change brought in by digitization in your personal life?
Ans.The one big change brought in by digitization in my personal life is that it has reprogrammed my way of thinking. It has helped me to have broader vision of the emerging legal, policy and regulatory issues concerning digitization in particular and cyberspace in general. Digitization has made my personal life far more efficient, productive, creative and has helped me in carving out more personal time. Digitization is the present and the future. The quicker we embrace the phenomenon of digitization, the better it is for all of us.

2. What is the greatest impact of the Digital India Initiative?
Ans. The greatest impact of the Digital India initiative is that it is seeking to transform India irreversibly into a digital, knowledge society and economy. It is aiming to completely transform how the biggest democracy in the world will use the advantages of technology to govern itself and to provide thought leadership in this regard to other nations. The Digital India program will transform one of the biggest e-commerce and m-commerce markets in the world and will help India in commanding respect internationally for path breaking work on digital transformation of India, being the land of unity and diversity.

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