March 1, 2017

Good For India

To recognize the initiatives taken by stakeholders towards the accomplishment of the Digital India Dream. This includes initiatives which have the potential to bring in a technology based transformation and revolution to the country.

This consisted of the following categories mentioned below.

Award Category Definitions
Smart City Solutions Initiatives undertaken towards development of the city by providing core infrastructure and a decent quality of life to its citizens. ‘Smart Solutions’ to provide a sustainable environment and drive economic growth (water management, waste management, urban mobility, energy management etc.).
E-governance Solutions Initiatives in the area of E-governance through the effective use of information, communication and technology. To ensure that there is a single window access to all persons by seamlessly integrating services, to be digitally transformed for improving ease of doing business.
E-education learning Solutions Initiatives where in innovative and sustainable technologies have been developed to improve content, design, delivery and assessment of academic learning.
E-healthcare Solutions Initiatives where in innovative and sustainable technologies have been developed to make healthcare facilities easily accessible at reasonable prices to the rural masses.
Skills & Employment Solutions Initiatives aimed at skilling unemployed and underemployed youth to bridge the skill gap and make them job-ready. Disruptive and scalable technology solutions and innovative tools that can support the skill training sector.
Energy Solutions Initiatives where in technologies are developed focusing on renewable energy, energy storage devices, advanced propulsion systems or electric/hybrid transport.
Sustainable Environment Solutions Initiatives aimed at sustainable and smart technologies used for conservation and betterment of the environment.
Agricultural Solutions Initiatives undertaken to develop pioneering and practical technologies aiming to enhance agribusiness.